Relianeering – Connecting Knowledge

Relianeering is Your service partner for predictive and condition based maintenance providing tools and analysis for vibration measurement on rotating equipment and machines.
Relianeering also provide training in predictive and/or condition based maintenance, mounting of bearings, causes of bearing damages etc.

Vibration measurement and Analysis

For vibration measurement and analysis, the SES-logger and platform is a totally new concept and brings a completely new business model.

The concept was developed by combining:

  • 60 years of experience from the bearing business and service from a variety of industries
  • the latest technology
  • connecting knowledge around the globe

A lot of work, an agile and dedicated team and a lot of testing and validation led to the new vibration measurement instrument, the SES-logger, with a perfect fit to the industrial digitalisation and Industry 4.0
A true innovation made in Sweden!

The system consists of a SES-logger and access to the cloud-based platform You need only a mobile device, tablet or telephone, and an internet connection. With the handheld SES-logger you can collect vibration data and get full feedback from 22 different parameters in the platform. In your mobile device you get direct feedback on the vibration based on ISO 10816, green, yellow or red.

• Simple, Easy and Smart
• One click – one measurement, no need to take additional measurements for enveloping or further analysis
• Failsafe – scan the RFID tag on each measurement point to identify your data
• No training required to take the measurements and collect data
• Cost effective – Pay only for the parts used in the system
• Do your own analysis or choose one of our specialized analysts in our global network

To learn more, read and click on the links below

SES-logger, the one click vibration measurement 

A Simple, Easy and Smart data collector. Connect your vibration sensor to the stud, scan the RFid tag and click the button. Seconds later, the data is safely stored in the cloud and available anytime and anywhere for You. Click here to learn more.

Watch the movie for visualisation of the Simple, Easy and Smart “one-click” measurement.

The platform

A 100% cloud based platform to store, manage and analyse data collected with SES-loggers. provides tools for easy and quick conversion of data to valuable information supporting maintenance decisions. Click here to learn more.

A mobile dashboard screen

With ReSES communicator installed in your mobile device you get instant data from your measurement. ReSES communicator allows you to see the machine status. Click here to learn more.

  • Vibration data
  • Trends and alarms
  • Overdue measurement points
  • Status of communication interface

On-line system

Where instant data is a requirement and the equipment needs constant monitoring the Kongsberg HSIO-100 on-line system could be the solution. The data acquisition module is equipped with 8 analog inputs and 4 digital I/O. Click here to read more.