“Connecting Knowledge”

Relianeering is Your service and maintenance partner connecting knowledge aroundthe globe in a smart and efficient way. Providing the latest technology we can ensure you will profit from the use of our simple and easy to use products and services.

The release of platform

A 100% cloud based platform to store, manage and analyse data collected with SES-loggers. provides tools for easy and quick conversion of data to valuable information supporting maintenance decisions. Click here to learn more.

A mobile dashboard screen

With ReSES communicator installed in your mobile device you get instant data from your measurement. ReSES communicator allows you to see the machine status. Click here to learn more.

  • Vibration data
  • Trends and alarms
  • Overdue measurement points
  • Status of communication interface


SES-logger, the one click vibration measurement 

A Simple, Easy and Smart data collector. Connect your vibration sensor to the stud, scan the RFid tag and click the button. Seconds later, the data is safely stored in the cloud and available anytime and anywhere for You. Click here to learn more.


Watch the movie for visualisation of the Simple, Easy and Smart “one-click” measurement.