Cloud service

Access to Condition Based Maintenance

With the cloud-based platform you get access to and control of your vibration data collected. A powerful tool for data storage, trends, spectrum, vibration analysis, smart enveloping, the perfect support for managing your machine health and optimise your condition based maintenance. access: SEK 4.950:-/year

With viewer access you get direct feedback of your vibration measurement, a complete overview of all configured measurement points at your site and/or company.  Data collection status, access to analysed data, alarms according to ISO10816, trends, spectrum etc.

Viewer access: SEK 990:-/year

For vibration experts, add the analysis access and do your own analysis. In addition to viewer access, you get full control of your measured data, feedback in 22 parameters including smart enveloping. With this access and its functions you can see bearing damages in an extremely early stage. And you can do unlimited number of analysis on your machines.

Analysis access: SEK 9.950:-