Vibration analysis – a vibration analysis tool for condition based maintenance

The ultimate cloud based platform to store, manage and analyse data collected with SES-loggers. Takes condition based maintenance to a new level and makes it easy to use. provides tools for easy and quick conversion of data to valuable information supporting maintenance decisions.
The platform is user-role oriented. is born from connecting knowledge from different specialists in their areas. The platform provides unique capabilities for simple and easy implementation and a smart way of using own or external resources to perform analysis.

Implementation – Designed to be Simple

The implementation process is crucial for the effectiveness of the Condition Monitoring (CM) program. With ReSES this process can be done in a few easy steps:

  • Select Functional Locations that need to be included in the CM program
  • Map each Functional Location to the ReSES.model
  • Provide required information about the Functional Location
  • Install studs and RFID tags on each CM point, according to the models

The Relianeering team will build for you the CM database (Site Functional Locations) and supervise the implementation. If you cannot nd your Functional Location model in the library, no worries, we will build it for you without additional cost.

Data Collection – It is quick and Easy

  • Go to the Functional Location
  • Attach the sensor to the CM point
  • Scan the RFID TAG with the logger
  • Press the button, that’s it!

Once the logger is connected to your mobile phone hotspot and ReSES Communicator app is open, all the data will be transferred to the cloud.
For more knowledge, click logger button

Analysis – Do it Smart

The qualified Analyst gets:

  • 22 parameters computed from the raw signal
  • Parameters trends
  • Velocity spectrum
  • Acceleration spectrum
  • Smart Enveloping sE Spectrum
  • Time waveform signal
  • Fault frequencies linked at the component level
  • Predefined faults linked to recommended actions
  • Access to all past findings

In addition to traditional vibration analysis tools, Relianeering offers a new way of looking on the acceleration enveloping.

Relianeering’s innovative “smart enveloping” technology presents analysts with a new convenient tool: the rE graph. It combines multiple narrow-band enveloping spectra centered at frequencies from 0 to 10 kHz in a single colour-map plot that provides a detailed picture of low-frequency modulations in the acceleration signal at a glance.
For more information about Relianeering “smart enveloping”, click here

Information – Available anytime, anywhere

The platform is focused on serving the needs of your maintenance team. We provide 24/7 access from every location with an Internet connection. We make it Simple and Easy for your maintenance team members to nd the necessary information and make Smart decisions:

  • CM status comparison between Company Sites
  • Site(s) current and past status at any speci c date
  • Site status trends
  • Functional Location CM status
  • Functional Location CM History
  • Review Functional Location faults and recommended actions and return a feedback

The platform allows export of data and information in CSV format that can be used in CMMS systems or for further analysis. The platform provides Functional Location CM status report in PDF.

Technical data

  • Build CM database for a Site
  • Use CM models library for Functional Locations
  • Store and manage vibration data
  • Provide vibration analysis tools
  • 22 parameters computed from vibration data
  • Parameters trends per CM point
  • Comparison of parameters between CM Points
  • Velocity spectrum 0–1 kHz, 1600 Lines
  • Acceleration spectrum 0–12 kHz, 15200 Lines
  • Smart enveloping (sE) sE Spectrum 2-2000Hz, 3200 lines
  • rE graph  –  single colour-map plot that provides a detailed picture of low-frequency modulations in the acceleration signal at a glance
  • Raw time waveform
  • Components fault frequencies indication
  • CM status trend
  • Prede ned faults and recommended actions
  • Document CM ndings – faults and recommended actions
  • Site CM status and statistics
  • Exports:
    – Site CM structure
    – CM points data
    – Site CM status
    – Functional Location CM Status
  • User management
  • Site’s chat room
  • Browser multi-tab support

Connecting Knowledge