– The new way of doing Condition Monitoring

Relianeeering AB has developed a true innovative and revolutionary cloud-based condition monitoring platform, called, to support a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy.
The platform, based on collected vibration data, delivers:
– Machine CBM Status
– Discovered Faults
– Recommendations to  avoid machine failure platform Simplifies the vibration data analysis process by Easy data collection and Smart tools to perform analysis, and document findings and recommendations.

The platform:
• Simplifies the implementation of a condition monitoring program.
• Makes the vibration data collection more Easy and reliable.
• Provides Smart tools to speed up the vibration data analysis.
• Integrates data and information (faults findings and recommendations).
• Provides additional information about the most common faults and recommendations, CBM savings as avoidable cost.
• Accommodates user feedback and allows direct communication between users and CM specialists.
• Informs the user which machines require data collection in the coming week and estimated time for collection.
• Connects users to certified VAs (Vibration Analysts).
• Allows certified VAs to analyze data from any location.
• Provides very high security of the data and user access.

The platform is the most affordable condition monitoring platform for small to big enterprises.

The platform is a 100% cloud-based platform to store, manage and analyze data collected with SES-loggers, designed and manufactured by Relianeering AB.
• The machines included in the scope of the Condition Monitoring program are equipped with RQ stud based on the models. The RQ stud has an RFID tag and improves the quality of high-frequency domain data.
• Every machine has defined a data collection schedule and time to complete the analysis once the data are in the platform. This allows the platform to inform the user about what needs to be done in the coming week.
• The user only has to go with the SES logger, connect the sensor to the RQ stud, scans the RFID and press the button to get vibration data.
• Once data are collected, the user establish a hot spot on the mobile device (phone or tablet) and data will be transferred to the Cloud.
• Afterwards, the appointed certified VA will be informed about pending data for analysis and will start the analysis.
• The data analysis process completes when the VA defines machine status based on discovered faults. The platform does not allow the VA to define a machine’s critical status without given recommendations.
• After completing the analysis the user can see the machine report and can also download a PDF report or .csv-file.
• The user can accept or reject discovered faults and recommendations and return more detailed feedback.
• At any time the users can communicate through the platform Noteboard. platform is:
• Simple, Easy and Smart
• One click to get vibration data
• CM Points with unique identifiers (UID)
• No training required to take the measurements and collect data
• Affordable investment to run your Condition monitoring program
• Place to find information about machines, based on vibration data.

NOTE: The platform is not a traditional vibration monitoring platform and it is not recommended to be used as a one-off troubleshooting tool.

To learn more about platform, follow the links below

SES-logger, the one click vibration measurement 

A Simple, Easy and Smart data collector. Connect your vibration sensor to the stud, scan the RFid tag and click the button. Seconds later, the data is safely stored in the cloud and available anytime and anywhere for You. Click here to learn more.

Watch the movie for visualisation of the Simple, Easy and Smart “one-click” measurement.

The platform

A 100% cloud based platform to store, manage and analyse data collected with SES-loggers. provides tools for easy and quick conversion of data to valuable information supporting maintenance decisions. Click here to learn more.

A mobile dashboard screen

With ReSES communicator installed in your mobile device you get instant data from your measurement. ReSES communicator allows you to see the machine status. Click here to learn more.

  • Vibration data
  • Trends and alarms
  • Overdue measurement points
  • Status of communication interface