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If you have a question or need assistance, please send us mail at or contact our sales team or the distributor responsible for your company.
You also can check our Question and Answers section. Perhaps it will help you to find the answer to your case.

Using the you will get information about when and what needs to be done as maintenance activities. This information is based on the vibration data collected with SES Logger and analyzed by certified according ISO 18436 Vibration Analysts. Having the machine status and recommendation the maintenance team can “ACT ON TIME” to prevent unwanted machine stops.

The platform is designed in s way to serve small, medium and large Sites. You can start with one machine.

There is no limitation to how many Sites the user can have access t. Everything thst the user needs is to have persimmon form the Site owner.

Yes you can. The platform allows you to have access to all Sites taht are linked to your company.

Most likely you will need a SES logger per ship and each ship is a Site. For customers with many Sites as Marine and service companies, please contact our sales team for special offer.

No, you can collect data without any connectivity to a mobile device.. If you want you can connect the logger to the phone and it will transfer immediately the collected data.

Yes, indeed. You can transfer the data to any phone or a tablet that can create a mobile hotspot. The device automatically will start a data transfer to, if it has access to the Internet. If the device does not have access to the Internet the data will be transferred once it is established and the ReSES Communicator app is opened. The data cna be transferred using mobile operator or local WiFi network.

It is not necessary. The SES Logger device csan collect data without any connectivity to a phone or tablet.

The SES Logger Device can store data from 10 000 CM pints or roughly 2000 machines.

No worries. You do not need to do anything.

The best approach is to return back to the machine and collect all CM points again. To avoid this situation, we recommend going to the machine first to open all caps and close after the measurement is completed. There should be an installation label near to the machine that shows how many CM points need to be collected, and where they are.

Most likely the user has forgotten to press the button or the sensor is not attached.

If you have to replace a machine, you can dismount and mount again the CM Points with stud and UID (RQ-CS-x) or you can install new RQ-CS on the new machine at the same location. If your chois is the second option, please first contact the support team at or Relianeering sales team or distributors. They will guide you and will send you the new installation label.
If you have to replace a CM point, first send mail to with information which CAP ID is going to be replaced and the new CAP ID.

The users with Viewer role receive every Monday an automatic mail with a list of machines that are in data collection overdue or are in due in the coming week.

After completing the analyses on the next day the user will receive an email with summary from the analyzed machines.

Most likely the sensor is not connected to the logger or there is an issue with the sensor or the cable.

Yes, you can run “Test Drive” on the platform. The standard package is three machines for three weeks, and it is free of charge.

Absolutely not! The blue cap has to be replaced with a new blue cap, The purple cap has to be replaced with a new purple cap, the orange cap has to be replaced with a new orange cap.

The new iPhone and Android devices support hotspot on 5GHz and 2.4 GHz. Most of them have set 5GHz by default. You have to turn hotspot to 2.4 GHz.

On iPhone:
Open Settings on your iPhone 12 or later with iOS 14.0. 1 or later.
Touch “Personal Hotspot” in the root list.
Slide the “Maximize Compatibility” toggle to the ON position.

On Android phone:
Go to Settings. Select “Connection & Sharing”, followed by “Portable Hotspot” Tap “Set up Portable Hotspot” Under AP Band switch “4GHz Band” to “2.4GHz Band”