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Relianeering Handbook

For your convenience we have created video handbook that is split in according the major steps of implementing and using CM Platform.


Tip 05 – CBM is Data driven maintenance strategy

Tip 03 – Use Simple and Easy to use Smart loggers

Step 1

Setting the CM Program, STEP 1

Step 2

Setting the CM Program, STEP 2

Step 3

Setting the CM Points, STEP 3

Step 5

01A Equip machine with CM Points

Step 6

01B Data Collection with SES Logger

Step 7

01C Transfer CM Points Data

Step 8

01 Login and Account

02 Select machines for analyses

03 Trends

04 Spectra and Time signal

05 Reporting

Step 9

Supporting CBM Strategy

Recommendations are useless before to become Actions

Using CM information