A vibrating Christmas offer


Order now – get 50% off on the subscription and 2 viewer accesses for free the first year. SES-logger kit, 1 year subscription to ReSES.net and 2 viewer accesses at only SEK 18.975:- (EUR 1.895:-)

Make sure your machines are doing well during Christmas and take good care of them for a trouble free startup 2019. Our SES-logger will help You collect their status and our platform ReSES.net will translate the vibration language and tell how they feel and what care they need; grease, a new bearing, alignment, balancing, etc.

You get a full system for analysis of your machine and vibration data. With one click you get 22 parameters in return including our smart enveloping, no need to go back and make additional measurements to perform a full analysis of the measurement.

You need only a mobile device, telephone or tablet, iOS or Android, and an internet connection. The app for transferring data between SES-logger and ReSES.net platform is of course free to download.

One SES-logger – unlimited number of measurement points and Functional Locations (machines)
One site – unlimited number of Functional Locations (machines)

Order before December 24th by sending a mail to christmas@relianeering.com

Merry Christmas!