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About Us

Simple - Easy - Smart

Relianeering is an innovative knowledge company with years of experience from a complex world of RELIAbility and engiNEERING. We are a technological consultancy company combining the gained experience and knowledge with a new mindset of next generation engineering.

Based on the experience of complex tools for service and maintenance we believe in making things less complex and simplify the way of work. By using technology of tomorrow we move the complexity inside the equipment and make it smart – Simplify Complexity.

We help you understand the signals from your equipment and assets. Signals translated into actions giving the possibility tuning the machines and assets to work more effective enabling your company to be more profitable.

Relianeering AB commits to provide a unique working environment for employees and management that allows freedom of idea expressions, and sharing knowledge to achieve the maximum potential of everyone in the company, and contribute to the Relianeering AB vision:

Connecting Knowledge

The Relianeering AB management commits to follow and support the company’s Quality Management System, built based on ISO 9001, the best practices in the industry and company’s core values: Trust, Respect and Sharing to achieve:

  • Zero broken promises to Relianeering AB customers and partners,
  • Below 1% incorrect analyses,
  • Delivering data analyses in less than 72 hours from receiving the data.

Code of Conduct

Relianeering was founded with a clear vision:

“Connecting Knowledge”

With this vision, we will take advantage of the rapidly transforming technology and make sure all our customers can gain the best profit of connecting knowledge across the globe.

Our mission is to:

“Simplify the complexity by providing the latest technology and offering Simple, Easy and Smart solutions”

To make this happen we have three core values  forming an innovative and positive culture throughout the company.

Trust – Trust makes the business Simple. Trust is to be honest and open in communication, internal as well as external, and to be fully transparent. Trust is the common ground for reliable business and relations and to keep the privacy of information.

Respect – To act and behave with integrity and consider how our behavior and actions affect colleagues, customers and others. To encourage different thinking and support a dynamic environment. Respect will be a key to reaching our goals and make it more Easy to adapt to constant changing requirements.

Sharing – To realize that the best results coms from sharing knowledge, experience, risks and success is Smart. To use and share networks and skills is a ground for the best cooperation and result.