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Implement CM program

Designing and implementation of condition (vibration) monitoring program is very important and makes the difference between the program to be beneficial, get ROI or to be a cost.

The platform pays special attention to the implementation part and the approach quarantines very simple and easy implementation on site.

The implementation process is organized in a few simple steps:
1. Define a list of Functional Locations included in the CM program of your Site
2. Contact Relianeering team to get information about predefined Functional Location models
3. Order SES Logger(s)
4. Order studs and tags (RQ-CS)
5. Order implementation services for your site or do by yourselves
6. Decide who will do the analysis – own or external ISO certified Vibration Analyst(s)
7. Subscribe to for required roles
8. Provide required information about the machines
9. Agree about initial data collection schedule
10. Install the studs and tags on the machines

Once when you are done with this you are ready to start regular data collection and use the provided action-oriented information to improve the Site’s reliability and carry out the Site’s CBM strategy.

To simplify the building phase offers models that can be assigned to each machine in the scope of the vibration monitoring program. Once when you select the model, you know automatically the number of CM points and their location on the machine.

The model gives information about CM points location and equipment’s components that are important to vibration analysis implementation guidelines

Define the scope of your vibration monitoring program.

Create a list of the machines / functional locations that have to be monitored. Assign a model to each machine. This can be done by yourselves or you can send photos of the machines to the Relianeering team or you can ask the Relianeering team for a site visit. The platform provides above 220 machine models and if you cannot find a model of your machine, it will be created for you with no cost:

  • Pumps – 81 models
  • Fans – 30 models
  • Compressors – 19 models
  • Gearboxes – 12 models
  • Other machines – 47 models
  • User specific machines – 35 models Fans model register

Review the the final scope.

At this stage, the most important is to provide correct functional location names, machine’s speed and power, agree about models. Information about equipment components as rolling bearing could be provided later. At this stage is important to discuss the Site hierarchy and functional locations and equipment CMSS ID.

The scope of vibration monitoring program.

Based on the agreed scope, Relianeering AB will prepare in the platform a Site with functional locations that is going to accommodate all collected data and performed analysis. After completing the building phase, the Relianeering team will send to you packages with RQ-CS for each functional location form the scope.

The Functional Location package with RQ-CS and diagram of the CM points location on the machine.

Install the RQ-CS on the machine.

Follow the provided instructions or request the installation service from Realianeering AB.

Functional Location with installed RQ-CS.

Now you are ready to start regular data collection.