Are you ready to get a 50% discount?

Everything you have to do is finding a simpler and faster device than our SES logger.If you find something more straightforward and faster on the industry market with the same functionality, you will get your SES logger with a 50% discount.
We are very confident that platform provides the simplest and fastest vibration data transfer.These are the three simple steps that the user needs to do:
– Turn on mobile phone Hotspot.
– Strat ReSES Communicator app.
– Turn on SES Logger.
The data transfer will start automatically, or the user can enforce it by double push of the logger and the app dashboard button.

3 seconds data collection 41.4 KHz 24 bits data
3 seconds data to go from SES logger to platform
3 seconds for data processing to get
22 computed parameters with four alarms each.
– Velocity spectrum
– Acceleration spectrum
– sE (enveloping) spectrum
– rE Graph (rolling enveloping)
– sH Graph (smart historical spectra)
– sPlay (play the vibration signal)