Handheld insurance to avoid production loss

15 minutes of data collection can save days and months

Our small and elegant SES-logger has been used to monitor a gearbox with 23 shafts, 35 gears and 49 rolling bearings. This monster was equipped with 31 RQ studs and the data collection time is some 15-20 minutes and a few more minutes to send the data to ReSES.net platform via the mobile device.
The bearings in the gearbox were changed 4 months ago in this case.

In 24 hours after first measurement the user got the following report, with a small unpleasant surprise.

Following the recommendations the user opened the system and found this condition of the gear, significant gear and shaft grooves wear.

And this is what our CM Specialist saw in ReSES.net platform.

The customer switched to another gear, adjusted the motor speed and production output and could continue to produce meanwhile waiting for spare parts.
ReSES.net platform is your insurance policy against unplanned stops and the easiest and quickest way to Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).
You need only to mount RQ-studs, get a SES-logger and start to collect data. Simple, Easy and Smart.
Try it out and contact as at info@relianeering.com for more information.

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