platform changes the traditional way of doing Condition Monitoring onboard.

(Proven by Clean Marine AS)

During the COVID-19 sending, a vibration specialist on board becomes a challenge.
At the end of 2020, Clean Marine AS ( called Relianeering AB to see how the platform can overcome the challenge of sending vibrations specialists on board.
The platform, designed to be easy for implementation, data collection, and allow vibration specialists to work remotely, proved itself on the first ship and following vessels.
The process runs seamlessly and proves that the crew onboard can perform CM Points installation, collect data and send it to the cloud platform without being trained, only following clear and simple instructions.
The benefits that Clean Marine sees from using the platform are:
NO cost for sending vibrations specialists onboard (travel expenses, waiting hours)
Reliable data. Simple data collection is always from the same CM point, done by the crew.
Access to the data. The platform is truly Cloud-based, and multi-users can look at the data simultaneously.
Speed of reporting.

The platform approach changes the traditional cost of running the Condition Monitoring program onboard. Everything that you need is:

  • Create a list of machines and provide technical details
  • Install CM Points
  • Collect data
  • Send the data to the platform.

Relianeering AB will deliver:

  • SES Logger Kit with a preset mobile device.
  • Machine CM Points packages
  • Information about machine condition: fault findings and recommendations.