TPP AES Galabovo outsource the vibration diagnostics to Relianeering AB

The 600 MW net TPP AES Galabovo represents the newest and most modern power plant in South East Europe and ensures about 5% of the installed power capacity of Bulgaria. AES Galabovo is one of the most environmentally friendly power plants in Europe. To ensure availability and reliability, AES Galabovo relies on the Condition-based maintenance (CBM) approach.

In a recent public tender, AES Galabovo awarded Relianeering AB with a 4-year contract to perform vibration analysis reporting machine status with discovered faults and recommended maintenance activities linked to the equipment and components.

To make the existing CM program more efficient, Relianeering and AES redesigned the program and implemented the platform. Machines were equipped with studs and RFID tags based on models for easy data collection with the SES loggers.

Together, AES Galabovo and Relianeering achieved a Simple, Easy and Smart CM program providing:

  • Simple and action-oriented analyzed machine status reports 1-3 days after data collection
  • Easy data collection process performed by plant operators
  • A Smart way using the information in platform converted to notifications in SAP

In addition, Relianeering extended the use of to incorporate machines equipped with on-line vibration monitoring, allowing the management team to get all input to the CBM from

Georgi Kirilov, Asset Management Coordinator at AES Galabovo says: “We choose Relianeering AB as our partner, due to their innovative solution. Their business model is very adaptive for small and large customers. The S-E-S concept was adopted easily and that made the implementation smooth and efficient. The competence and commitment of Relianeering’s staff are on very high level and it makes the difference in the ostensibly mature condition monitoring market.”

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