24/7 Access to your vibration data and CBM information

The Relianeering cloud-based platform is the first one platform that provide 24/7 access to and control to your vibration data and analysis.
At any time the user can see trends, spectrum, vibration analysis, smart enveloping.
The platform provides the perfect support for managing your machine health and optimise your condition based maintenance.

The business model of is built around physical assets (Site and Machines/Functional Location) and users with different roles.

You can organize your functional locations (machines) in your Site (factory, ship, train etc.) in process units and systems. The platform allows to tag your machines as they are tagged in CMMS (SAP, Maximo, AMOS, NS5, eMaint etc.).

Te main two roles in the platform are Viewer and Analyst.
With the Viewer access you can see more than one Site in your company. For each Site the Viewer user:
– Sees the last analyzed machine status that can be downloaded in a PDF.
– Data collection schedule status or which machines are in overdue.
– Gets automatic notification which machines needs to be collected in the coming week.
– Can provide a feedback.
– Has access to the computed parameters trends, Velocity, Acceleration and sE spectrum, rE graphs, Time-wave form (TWF).
– Can see data alarms (Level, Baseline, Change, Statistical) of 22 computed parameters from each measurement that have been used by analyst to define the machine condition.

The also allows you to use your own people to perform vibration data analysis. Everythng that you need is to buy the Analyst account.
For vibration experts, add the analysis access and do your own analysis. In addition to viewer access, you get full control of your measured data, feedback in 22 parameters including smart enveloping. With this access and its functions you can see bearing damages in an extremely early stage. And you can do unlimited number of analysis on your machines. payment model

The platform payment model is based on yearly fees for platform support and price per completed machine status report.
In the platform the machine is called a functional location. The Functional Location (FL) has Equipment (Electric Motor, Pump, Fan, gearbox, Coupling etc.) and each Equipment has Components (Rolling bearings, Shaft, Impeller, Rotor, Stator etc). The CM Points are linked to the Equipment.

The platform support fees are:
– Yearly fee per Site, no limitation of the number of FLs.
– Yearly few per user and role. For example, if one person has two different roles, will be charged to different fees.
There is One-off for creating a Functional Location in the beginning. This fee includes entering all necessary data.

The price per complete machine status report is defined based on the functional location complexity. the functional location model complexity is predefined attribute of the module. there are 4 categories based on the required time for analysis:
– Short
– Average
– Long
– Extra

For information about prices, please visit the Relianeering price list

Technical data

  • Build CM database for a Site based on models
  • Use CM models library for Functional Locations (above 140 models)
  • Store and manage vibration data
  • Provide vibration analysis tools
    • Multi-parameter trend per CM Point
    • Single-parameter trend cross machine CM Points
    • Spectra: velocity, acceleration, sE
    • TWF viewer
    • rE graphs
  • 22 parameters computed from vibration data
  • Velocity spectrum 0–1 kHz, 1600 Lines
  • Acceleration spectrum 0–12 kHz, 15200 Lines
  • Smart enveloping (sE) sE Spectrum 2-2000Hz, 3200 lines
  • rE graph  –  single colour-map plot that provides a detailed picture of low-frequency modulations in the acceleration signal at a glance
  • Raw time waveform 3s
  • Components fault frequencies indication
  • CM status trend
  • Predefined faults and recommended actions
  • Document CM findings – faults and recommended actions
  • Site CM status and statistics
  • Return a feedback
  • Automatic data collection schedule mail notification
  • Automatic notification for new data in the platform
  • Exports:
    – Site CM structure
    – CM points data
    – Site CM status
    – Functional Location CM Status
  • User management
  • Site’s chat room
  • Browser multi-tab support
  • Hi level of data security