Relianeering AB offers a new way of doing vibration monitoring of rotating equipment.
Our solution is focused to deliver valuable information to the users regarding their machines’ status. Information that is action-oriented and Easy to understand. The outcome from is focused to support a Condition-based maintenance strategy.
The platform, developed by Relianeering, has a unique approach based on the principle “Simple, Easy, Smart”.

To get the maximum return of investments in a condition monitoring (CM) program, you have to make it effective and efficient that translates to:
– Deliver action-oriented information to the maintenance team to act on time and avoid machine failures that can stop or reduce the production.
– Control data collection and analysis schedule. Only collect data that should be analyzed (all collected data transferred to the platform trigger an analysis).
– Implement the CM program right from day one.
– Simplify the data collection process.

Based on the Relianeeering team experience in different areas, we believe that our solution is the most advanced on the market that has the most affordable cost. Click on the links below to learn more.

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