Support CBM – the perfect tool to provide information from vibration analysis to your Condition-based maintenance strategy

The key to a successful Condition-based maintenance strategy is to get information out of your vibration data and transferred to action-oriented activities.

The platform offers a cloud-based solution to store, manage and analyze data collected with our vibration data collector, called SES-logger.
The platform manages your condition monitoring program from the beginning to the end. The platform guarantees consistent implementation, data collection, and data analysis process.
To be successful in condition-based maintenance you need action-oriented information that the platform provides to you.
The platform provides you:
Analyzed machine status: Good, Acceptable, Attention, Not Acceptable.
Discovered fault components and fault severity.
Recommendations about how to mitigate the risk the machine to fail. Site Status view – a single place to find all information required by CBM

From the Site Status panel the user with one click can the latest report in a PDF format.

Now you have all the necessary information to implement a successful CBM strategy and mitigate the risk of production loses, due to machine failures.

Reporting the machine status, findings and recommendations in a PDF format.

The second important step, after getting the machine status and recommendations, is to return feedback. The feedback allows the vibration monitoring program continues to be improved that is going to return is even more correct diagnoses and recommendations. platform Feedback section. The user can return a feedback at every discovered fault or to each functional location equipment.

When you use platform, you get:

  • Analyzed machine status, based on collected vibration data.
  • Action-oriented recommendations, based on the discovered faults, and priority.
  • Opportunity to return feedback linked to any recommended action or linked the feedback to particular equipment of the machine.
  • Data to calculate Return of investments (ROI) of your CM program.
  • Control of execution of data collection schedule.
  • Machine History – data, analysis, feedback