From 432g to 0g.

It is not about reducing acceleration. It is about “Guaranteed carbon neutral CM Program”We deliver CBM information, including:– CM Points installation– Data collection – Data analysesgenerating only of 432 g CO2  per machine per one year. Relianeering AB plants trees to offset emissions and neutralize the carbon footprint of your CM program. Do you know the  carbon footprint […]

Do you get your CBM information on time? platform is fully transparent to the users.After completing the analyses the user gets e-mail where to find:– Data Collection timestamp.– When the data has been received in platform.– When the analysis has been completed after receiving the data. Relianeering promises the user to get the CBM information in maximum 72 hours.

Are you ready to get a 50% discount?

Everything you have to do is finding a simpler and faster device than our SES logger.If you find something more straightforward and faster on the industry market with the same functionality, you will get your SES logger with a 50% discount.We are very confident that platform provides the simplest and fastest vibration data transfer.These are the […]

Two weeks from the Fan’s life.

If you wonder how the vibration diagnostic works, take a look of this short movie. The video shows the history of fan’s vibration data collected in two weeks time period, discovered faults and given recommendations. It is based on real case, and shows real data. Perhaps you have similar cases with your fans.  Please do […]

Ring Niclas Jackson!

Niclas har nyligen anslutit till Relianeering teamet och är vår nye CBM-rådgivare. Med erfarenhet och kunskap kombinerad med vår plattform guidar Niclas dig till den enkla vägen att bedriva Konditionsbaserat UH. Call Niclas Jackson! Niclas has recently joined to the Relianeering team, and he is our new CBM Adviser.With his experience and knowledge combined with platform, Niclas will guide […]

Get On Time, Act On Time!

Get your morning coffee and check for e-mai about machine CM status and recommendations.Does it sound Easy!The new feature in platform allows users to be notified for completed analyses from the previous date.The CM Specialist can also send e-mail notification immediately after completing the analyses.

The Power of Data

The Power of Data. Half of the potential savings are coming from proactive actions.1/3 of the potential savings are because you can “Act on Time based on information”. Half of the equipment analyses compete with status GOOD. Above 40% of the equipment CM Status can turn to ATTENTION. Less 5% of the faults require priority […]

A new way to compare spectra

A new way to learn from the history. now is equipped with a new tool called sH Graph. Using sH graph the user can compare the reference (last spectrum) with any CM Point spectrum from the history. As a result the user can see a new graph (sH Graph) that shows the difference between amplitudes […]