Test Drive ReSES.net Platform

Do you plan to invest in a new CBM system, exchange an old system or start from scratch with Condition Based Maintenance? Then you found the right place for introducing smart maintenance to your company.

Relianeering offers a unique possibility to test drive the ReSES.net platform and evaluate the CBM system before taking a decision of investment. Or as we say:

Test before Invest!

Relianeering offer you the possibility to test drive the ReSES.net platform and setup 1-2 simple machines (Functional Location) i.e. pumps or fans. During the test drive you will borrow a SES-logger, get access to ReSES.net platform and get 5 analysis per machine in a period of two weeks.

Contact us for more information and to plan your unique test drive of the Simple, Easy and Smart ReSES.net platform for Condition Based Maintenance decision support.

Installation CBM vibration monitoring ReSES.net platform

This is as close you can get to Industry 4.0 and Maintenance 4.0.