Relianeering offers training in bearing maintenance and technologies. Trainings are divided in four different blocks.

Bearing Performance Factors

  • Terminology and designation system
  • Proper bearing mounting and dismounting tools and techniques
  • Primary function of a lubricant
  • Maintenance mistake

Bearing Damage Analysis

  • Learn basic knowledge required for bearing damage analysis 
  • Understand why bearings fail in service
  • Understand the terminology and visual appearance of failure 
  • Bearing remaining lifetime

Lubrication basics

  • The importance of selecting the proper lubricant for an application
  • Effects of marginal and excessive lubrication
  • Learn to maximize bearing life through an improved understanding of proper lubricating principles and functions
  • How much and how often to lubricate rolling bearings

Vibration basics

  • Guidelines for implementing a portable condition monitoring
  • Condition-based maintenance program overview
  • Introduction to vibration analysis – discuss the advantages of various vibration signal processing techniques
  • Detect specific machinery faults e.g. acceleration enveloping signal and rE graph processing for early detection of bearing faults