Data analysis – the perfect tool to provide information from vibration analysis to your Condition-based maintenance strategy

The platform is ultimate cloud based platform to store, manage and analyse data collected with our SES-loggers.
The platform manages your condition monitoring program from the beginning to the end. The platform guarantees consistent implementation, data collection and data analysis process.
To be successful in condition based maintenance you need an action-oriented information that the platform provides to you.
The platform provides:
Analyzed machine status: Good, Acceptable, Attention, Not Acceptable.
Discovered fault components and fault severity.
Recommendations about how to mitigate the risk the machine to fail.

The users can compare their Sites and can go back in time to check the previous Site Status. provides tools for easy and quick conversion of data to valuable information supporting maintenance decisions.
The platform is user-role oriented. is born from connecting knowledge from different specialists in their areas. The platform provides unique capabilities for simple and easy implementation and a smart way of using own or external resources to perform analysis.

The user sees at glance the status of all machines and can extract immediately a detail report or machine history. The user also can generate a trend of the machine status to check how effective is the CBM strategy.

Connecting data and analysis

The platform allows the user to see the latest machine status and the data that have been used in the analysis.  At any time the user can check the history of machine analysis.

Vibration data are linked to the analysis that defines mathematics machine condition
Machine’s analysis (faults and recommendations) history.

Analysis – Do it Smart

The platform provides all necessary stat to the CM specialist to perform data analysis and document discovered faults and recommendations to mitigate the risk of the machine to fail.

The qualified Analyst gets:

  • 22 parameters computed from the raw signal
  • Parameters trends
  • Velocity spectrum
  • Acceleration spectrum
  • Smart Enveloping sE Spectrum
  • Time waveform signal
  • Fault frequencies linked at the component level
  • Predefined faults linked to recommended actions
  • Access to all past findings
Compare the trend of a selected parameter over the CM Points. Select component’s fault frequency markers and visualize on the spectrum.
Analyze the Time-wave form.
In addition to traditional vibration analysis tools, Relianeering offers a new way of looking on the acceleration enveloping.

Relianeering’s innovative “smart enveloping” technology presents analysts with a new convenient tool: the rE graph. It combines multiple narrow-band enveloping spectra centered at frequencies from 0 to 10 kHz in a single colour-map plot that provides a detailed picture of low-frequency modulations in the acceleration signal at a glance.
For more information about Relianeering “smart enveloping”, click here has developed own enveloping that is represent as spectrum (sE) and graph (rE Graph)

The platform guides and controls the CM Specialist

The Analyst role  gives access to all tools to perform stat analysis.
The platform simplifies documenting of findings and guides the CM Specialist on what to recommend as a mitigation action.

The CM Specialists selects from predefined faults that are specific for the selected component and gets a list of possible recommended cations.

One all findings are documented the CM Specialists defines the status of each equipment of the machine and completes the report.

The platform does not allow the CM specialist to define an unacceptable or attention status without giving any recommendation.

Information – Available anytime, anywhere

The platform is focused on serving the needs of your maintenance team. We provide 24/7 access from every location with an Internet connection. We make it Simple and Easy for your maintenance team members to nd the necessary information and make Smart decisions:

  • CM status comparison between Company Sites
  • Site(s) current and past status at any speci c date
  • Site status trends
  • Functional Location CM status
  • Functional Location CM History
  • Review Functional Location faults and recommended actions and return a feedback

The platform allows export of data and information in CSV format that can be used in CMMS systems or for further analysis. The platform provides Functional Location CM status report in a PDF format.

In the Data analysis ReSES,net platform we connect the knowledge from different areas allowing to provide valuable information to the Condition-based maintenance strategy.

Connecting Knowledge